New Blog Coming

With the release of .dev domains and therefore my ability to get a nice, clean domain for myself, I've decided to redo my blog. I'll be moving relevant content over here, so all of my old articles that are still…

Notes on DMing on Roll20

Let's talk about the best way to make and setup player character tokens in Roll20 using RPTools' TokenTool allowing for darkvision and dynamic lighting.

NuPass Released

NuPass, my user-readable password generator, is now released (currently 0.2.1) and is available on PyPI.

Updating the Firmware on Quanta LB4M Switches

There seems to be a lack of information (that isn’t misinformation) on how to upgrade the firmware on Quanta LB4M switches. Posts abound containing warnings about bricking your switch. Likely, these people attempted some XMODEM transfer that was not…

Getting FDMA Working on a CPN

As per my last post,  I will show here the basic configuration of how to get FDMA working on a Lot 10 CPN. All CECOM documentation only shows how to get a JNN working, but (as CPNs don’t have…