I've restarted work on my side-project: GroupVault.

This project comes from my dissatisfaction with many (read: all I've found) of the open-source team-based password managers out there. They either look good but don't support folders; have folders, but look terrible and have no real API; or some combination of the above.

My goal is fairly simple: create a web app that provides a secure mechanism for storing credentials in a folder-based  hierarchy with role-based access control. These credentials should be  able to be accessed by authorized users via a clean, modern web  interface or via a REST API. It may take some work, but I think it will be worth it.

Of course, I'd love to have some help, so if you're even a fledgling Python programmer (GroupVault is being built with Django) or just want to help work on the HTML templates, please get in touch.